How Can Astrology Help You?
Astrology is one of the most practical tools available for gaining a profound insight, awareness, and understanding of the
natural energies and cycles operating in a person's life.
Astrology, when properly understood and used, is able to accurately indicate what energies are operating, where and when, in the individual's life. With
an awareness of these trends, a person can act knowingly in harmony with the natural cycles of their life instead of floundering in a state of confusion and bewilderment.
Every life is a
dynamic process of change and transformation. Astrology offers guidance during these times of change. It shows the opportunities for growth that can be found in every situation, and acts as a map throughout the life journey.
Astrology can help a person discover and develop their own unique talents and abilities, and understand their contribution in the larger scheme of things. The information offered by astrology is to assist the individual to express a more whole and complete life at all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What is a Natal Chart?
The natal chart, often called the birth chart or one's horoscope, is based on the exact date, time and place of a person's birth.The natal chart is the "map" used by an astrologer to offer an interpretation of the energies and cycles operating in a person's life. Most astrologers use a computer program to calculate the natal chart, but the interpretation of the natal chart is the result of years of study and observation by the astrologer. There is a substantial difference between computer generated interpretations and those done by an astrologer.

Who Uses Astrology?
My clients represent virtually every aspect of life, and include physicians, psychologists, teachers, attorneys, professors, therapists, young people, retired people, artists and musicians, builders, contractors, executives, directors, parents and children, and anyone of any age, creed or religion who can benefit from the insights gained through astrology.

Over 85% of my clients return for additional updates, and they do so to achieve a better understanding of their own natural cycles and energies.