Please take time to evaluate the various astrological chart services offered here. If you have any questions concerning these services, please let me know via
-mail and I will get back to you right away.

Individual Natal Chart

This is a complete natal chart analysis giving the individual a comprehensive picture of their inborn instinctive patterns.
A full review of the natal chart is done with an emphasis on all aspects of life - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Talents, potentials, abilities, blocks and restrictions, opportunites, skills and special capabilities are all reviewed. By gaining a better insight and understanding of the nature of one's personal makeup, the individual can work in greater harmony with their own energies.
In addition, a complete review of the next 18 months of cycles is covered. By understanding what energies are operating where and when in the life, the individual can more easily move in harmony with their own natural cycles. This analysis runs approximately 3 to 4 hours in length.

Cost: $1



This service is for those individuals who have already had a natal consultation. The update covers a time period of 18 months, and examines all areas of change for that time period. An in-depth look is taken at the cycles which will be unfolding for the individual. It is by understanding these natural cycles that the individual can move into greater harmony with their own natural energies. This analysis runs approximately 2 hours.

Cost: $


Newborn Profiles

This is a special analysis for a newborn child. It is designed primarily for the parent(s) wishing to have a greater insight and understanding of their child. This analysis is similar to the standard natal chart analysis, except that there is also an examination of the interaction of the parents with the child. In addition, a review of the major turning points in the child's early years is examined. This analysis requires that at least one of the parents have their natal chart done prior to the newborn profile. This taped analysis lasts approximately three hours.

Cost: $1


Relationship Analysis

This analysis is used to examine the interaction between two individuals. Areas of harmony and tension are pinpointed, as well as areas of potential conflict and crisis. A relationship analysis not only shows how the two individuals interact, but also gives an insight to each person and guidance on how to better understand and communicate in the relationship. With this insight it is possible to work through those areas of tension and strengthen those areas of compatibility. This analysis runs approximately 2 hours. At least one of the individuals must have had their natal chart already analysed.

Cost: $1
40 (with one person's natal chart already done)


Business Analysis

This analysis is for those individuals who are starting, or have already started, business ventures. The exact time of incorporation is required for this analysis, as well as complete data on the owner or partners. A business analysis can show the ongoing cycles for the enterprise, as well as times of tension and opportunity. The length of this analysis is approximately 2 hours.

Cost: $1


Relocation Analysis

This analysis is for those individuals who are considering moving to another area of the country, and covers how specific locales will resonate with one's own personal patterns. All the important areas of one's life are examined in relation to the new area. The length of this analysis is approximately 30 minutes and covers one to two relocated areas.

Cost: $


Ordering Services

All chart interpretations are recorded in digital MP3 format, and are usually e-mailed within two to three months. Orders can be placed by clicking on the Orders link to the left and e-mailing the needed chart information ahead of time. Please be sure and include complete and accurate information.
Any particular areas of interest, questions and/or concerns should be sent along with the original data as well. Follow-up questions are included for each service. Follow-up questions and comments are requested from the client (via e-mail or letter) within one to two weeks of receiving the recorded sessions.
Orders for services will begin to be processed once check or money order is received.
Services may also be paid with PayPal. Please e-mail me for any questions on payment.

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